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11. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION CONTACT US +55 11 3230 2700 189n. Room 05 Matilde Street São Caetano do Sul - Brazil Zip Code: 09581-350

8. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION MAINTENANCE AND SERVICES CONTRACTS Management and control of electrical and mechanical maintenance, developing corrective and preventive predictive activities. Production support services such as packaging of automotive parts and accessories, plastification of vehicles and point welding maintenance. Service contract with specialized professionals in the areas of Software, Electrical and Mechanical.

9. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION INFORMATION TECNOLOGY Development, management and project application. Specialized consultancy and implementation of services involving enviroment network configuration and online servers. Cloud Computer Backups. Installation and updating of customized Management Systems, customizations, infrastructure, communication systems for small, medium and large companies

4. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS Development, application and project management using EPLAN P8 Electrical & Pro Panel, AutoCAD and facilities simulation softwares Implementation and installation of complex Automation, PLC and Robotics systems in industrial plants with technologies and innovations that optimize processes and provide efficiency with cost reduction. The EIA develops and customizes new technologies with support from the automation component supplier industry.

5. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Development, application, installation, assembly, upgrade and project management from small to large electric projects in all segments within a predefined scope next to the client, assembly of electrical cabinets from design to final test, covering machinery and equipment, building and industrial assemblies, instrumentation systems and industrial automation. EIA develops and customizes new technologies with the support of the electrical components, instrumentation and automation industry.

7. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Civil Infrastructures. Design, Installation, Automation and Management of Lighting Systems and Electrical Distribution. Automation of Hotels, Buildings, Condos, Industries and Supermarkets. Preventive and Corrective Maintenance. Fire-fighting system. CCTV and CATV.

6. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION Development, application, installation, assembly, upgrade and management of structural projects using 2D 3D, CATIA, SolidWorks and NX platforms. Implementation and installation of Automation devices, as well as Welding, Building and Industrial Assembly, Light, Floor and Overhead Conveyors, Skid and Skillet Systems, RGV and AGV Systems, Elevators and Transelevators. EIA develops and customizes new technologies with the support of the equipment and mechanical systems supplier industry. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

3. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION VISION Expand knowledge and performance at national and Latin American level through the improvement of people, processes and technologies. . MISSION Provide solutions, products and services with guaranteed quality and excellence, understanding, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, contributing to the advancement and recognition of its business. VALUES Ethics and professional conduct. EIA and its business must achieve customer satisfaction, deliver benefits and generate revenue to meet its commitments to suppliers and employees.

2. ENGINEERING FOR INTEGRATION AUTOMATION ABOUT US Since EIA was founded in September 1996,São Paulo ABC ,Brazil the main objective is to act in the national market of Industrial Automation and Maintenance. Always focused on customers satisfaction, it has gained more and more recognition by building a solid and differentiated company in a highly competitive market. Consolidated in its market of operation, EIA has expanded operational areas adding and then offering projects and services of Buildings and Industrial Installations, Electric, Electronic, Mechanical and Information Technology. Over the years, it has developed the training of its employees and its processes of continuous improvement, raising -8 the quality and excellence of services and thus providing the valuation of its clients. EIA maintains the philosophy of constant adaptation to market innovations with the purpose of offering a wide range of products and services guaranteeing their commitments with quality and efficiency as well as the satisfaction of their customers and employees.


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